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May 13 2012

Clinton’s Lemon Roasted Chicken: Review

I watched Clinton Kelly make this on The Chew one day and was pulled in instantly, as roasted chicken is one of my all-time favourite meals and I’m a sucker for anything with lemon in it. What really got me though was the presentation. This roast is absolutely gorgeous, and begs to be the centrepiece at the table before being carved.

As for the taste? It’s delicious, but like I said I am a bit biased seeing as how it’s roast chicken. The lemon taste is definitely distinctive throughout, and the super crispy skin is the only way to have roast chicken, as far as I’m concerned. Does the taste surpass the presentation? Even being one of my faves, I have to say in this case, no. But then again, Clinton is the expert on presenting beautiful things!

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