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Mar 17 2012

Chocolate Potato Cake: Review

I don’t usually get too excited about St. Patrick’s Day but this year for some reason, I was pretty focused on the fact that Brent comes from Irish descent, and that maybe we should celebrate it just a tiny bit. And of course, it gave me another good reason to go on the hunt of something truly authentic and different. What I came across was this recipe for Chocolate Potato Cake on European Cuisines. You should check out the actual recipe on the site, as the author goes in detail about how the Irish loved chocolate as much as they loved potatoes; to the point where, at the same time coffee houses were opening all across Italy, chocolate houses were opening all across Ireland. Yep, chocolate was big, and so were potatoes and this recipe combines them both.

I have a feeling that this is one of those that you have to do a few times to get it right, but mine still turned out pretty good. I did do mine in a springform pan and I think I’ll invest in a Bundt cake just for this recipe if nothing else. It was tasty out of the springform, but it looked beautiful on the original site after it came out of the Bundt pan. I may have also been too harsh with my egg whites, as the cake didn’t rise nearly as much as I thought it would.

Still, it was a tasty cake and not dense like I thought it would be. I’ll definitely be making this one again – St. Patty’s Day or not.

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