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Sep 23 2011

Chili Cheesy Macaroni: Review

My husband loves Hamburger Helper, but I never buy stuff prepackaged that I can make myself – for no other reason than the love of cooking. Of all the varieties that HH has to offer, their one with the chili spices and cheesy sauce has always been my favourite. So when the thought occurred to me to make something new and make hubby happy at the same time, that was the natural choice. This dish is very tasty and (dare I say?) better than the kind that comes in the box? I think so, but what isn’t when you take the few extra minutes to make it yourself? Don’t be scared off by the number of steps in the recipe – it’s just like making macaroni and cheese with the extra step of browning the meat; and it all comes together very quickly.

And if you’re raising an eyebrow at the $20+ price tag, don’t worry. This is one that’s got leftovers you can freeze and enjoy several meals from – and you will enjoy them!

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