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Nov 13 2009

Chicken Gumbo: Review

I didn’t post prices with this recipe because my sister gave me the Gumbo mix when she came home from a visit to Louisiana. She picked it up for in the French Market, along with a bunch of other goodies that I’ll share and put up on the site. Because it was a gift and therefore, I don’t know how much it cost, putting up the other prices seemed somewhat pointless.

I also didn’t really “make” this recipe as it’s simply a matter of throwing a few ingredients together and then sitting down to a scrumptious supper. But sometimes the best dinners come from those that take little to no preparation. And man oh man, was this one good! In fact, Paige, who’s 3 and think she’s a food connoisseur even said “it was the best supper she’s ever had!” And if it pleases a 3-year-old, that says a lot in my house! But she might not have been wrong. It was delish! Slightly on the spicy side but I love heat in my food so that only made it better for me. And if you’re the type who likes heat but doesn’t like the linger that it sometimes leave in your mouth, I can honestly say that the spice dies down minutes after you eat it. Both my sister and I couldn’t believe that just moments after eating it, the fire in our mouths had died down completely.

Like I said, it’s so good that you’ve gotta go to Louisiana to get it! And even if you don’t see anything else while you’re there, this one will definitely be worth the trip!

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