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Aug 20 2011

Chicken Breasts with Balsamic Citrus Sauce: Review

Of the many recipes that I’ve tried from the classic cookbook, The Joy of Cooking, I find this Chicken Breasts with Balsamic Citrus Sauce recipe just as I find many of the others – it’s a good meal that will do when you’re in a rush and not really trying to impress, but really nothing to write home about. And while I have yet to find  in this iconic cookbook a recipe that I actually think about after cooking, and can’t wait to cook again, this book does have its merit.

The Joy of Cooking isn’t really just a cookbook – it’s an entire education about food. In here, you’ll find information about the different cuts of meat, the different spices, facts about any kind of vegetable or fruit you could imagine, and just a lot of really handy tips and knowledge about food. I think this is a great cookbook for those that are just getting comfortable in their kitchen, or those that just want to learn more about all the different types of food. But if you’re someone who already has the basics mastered, already know a lot about food,  and are now looking to up their game, you might want to find something a little more challenging.

Another reason this book will continue to stay close at hand in my kitchen? Because just like this recipe, it’s a great go-to book when you need a quick and easy recipe that calls for simple ingredients – even if it doesn’t totally knock your socks off.

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