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Dec 03 2009

Cabbage Rolls: Review

Cabbage rolls do take quite a bit of work but it’s always well worth it! I’m the only one who likes them in my family so when I make them, I freeze most of the tray in smaller portions and have them ready for whenever I want them. Instead of freezing the cabbage to loosen the leaves, you can also drop it in rolling boiling water for about 60 seconds and then give it enough time to cool so you can pull the leaves off. I’ve done it both ways and usually use the freezer method only because I find it easiest.

You can also not remove the hard part of the stem at the bottom of each leaves if you don’t want to. Most people only do this because it does make the cabbage a bit easier to roll, and you only have leaf to eat and not big thick core. But if that’s how you like to roll, leave it there. It won’t hurt the rolls anyway.

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