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Apr 03 2012

Brick Chicken: Review

It seems every time I turn on the Food Network or any other cooking show now, if they’re doing a chicken recipe they’re only making it one way – brick chicken. I can’t blame them. Ever since I saw this technique myself I’ve been in love with it; and I can honestly say I don’t remember the last time I made my family chicken any other way. If you don’t have actual bricks to use, don’t worry about it. Just find really heavy lids, or something that will really push that chicken down into the pan – that’s the only way you’re going to get that crispy, beautiful skin that sets this chicken apart from any other kind.

I’ve heard people suggest using cans in place of bricks but, those would explode when put under that high heat, no? I’m not sure on that one so if anyone has an opinion (or knows that you can in fact use cans,) please comment and let me know.

Of course you can play around with the sauce too, adding wine to deglaze (which is yummy) or even just water or stock, a bay leaf, some spices. This is really one that you can really take and run with!

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