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Mar 27 2010

Braised Short Ribs: Review

I don’t know where I originally found this recipe but I did change it up a bit. The original called for penne to be cooked, and then the penne to be tossed with the remaining rib sauce. The ribs were also to be shredded off the bone and mixed in with the entire thing. I actually think that doing it the way the original recipe called for would be much better.

Doing the ribs this way wasn’t bad. And I only tried this way because I wanted to do something different with my ribs than just throwing them in the oven like I usually do. I did thicken the sauce up with cornstarch because they looked a tad blah sitting on the plate. But next time, I’ll definitely either stick to just making Kate’s Ribs, or I’ll make this recipe the way it originally asked me to. Still, not a terrible switch-up.

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