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Apr 13 2012

Bean Salad: Review

This is one of those recipes that goes way, way back to my childhood. I remember whenever there was a church potluck; a birthday party for me, my brother, or my sister; or some other event that was special enough to call for it, my mom whipped up two of her famous salads: pasta salad, and this delicious (and much quicker) bean salad. You can use any dressing you would like and with variations on both the dressing and the different types of beans, completely personalize it and make it your own. I usually make it a little different every time but kidney beans and chickpeas always make it in, because they’re the beans I remember my mom putting in hers.

One of the things I love most about this salad (besides the warm fuzzies it gives me,) is that you can make a ton and keep it in the fridge for days. As the salad sits and those flavours continue to work together, it just gets even better – which also makes this a great dish for making the night before a big to-do and just pulling out moments before your guests arrive!

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