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Nov 18 2011

Alton’s Who-Loves-Ya Baby Back Ribs: Review

I really like Alton Brown. I think he’s got an incredible knowledge of food and he has a way of teaching you about it in a way that’s usually a little off the wall, and pretty fun. I was excited when I found this recipe of his for Baby Back Ribs, partly because I do like him so much; but also because I’ve never seen (or heard of) ribs being prepared this way before. Once I read the recipe, I knew this was the one I had to try.

While preparing it (with two huge lengths of aluminum foil spread across my counter – you need a lot of space!) I wondered how such little braising liquid was going to cook the ribs until they were falling off the bone. I was pretty sure that in order to braise, you had to at least 1/2 cover the meat, if not 3/4 of the way. But this, isn’t it really just steaming the ribs for over two hours at a really low heat?

It seems that would be the case. These ribs, sadly, were very dry – and falling off the bone was a long way off, I’m afraid. I did also try the glaze the Alton suggests, because that was also part of the recipe that intrigued me. I have to say, if you can manage to get that little bit of liquid out of those humongous foil packs and get it right into the saucepan, more power to you. I couldn’t, and I ended up with some in the saucepan, and a whole lot on and around my oven. Disappointing. I then did boil what was in the saucepan, but it never became thicker – definitely never like a syrup consistency. I ended up just pulling out some barbecue sauce I had in my fridge and using that under the broiler.

And that mess that you saw in the middle of the ribs? Refried beans. I think I lost the recipe for that one and, I don’t think I’ll be hunting another down any time too soon. Very disappointing dinner.

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