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Jul 03 2012

Alfredo Sauce with Cream Cheese: Review

Before you go embarking on this recipe (that I found from All Recipes,) be forewarned that this is not an authentic Italian Alfredo sauce. It looks like it, and it tastes like it, but it’s not. What it is, is a delicious sauce that is exactly like Alfredo sauce  - so it’s perfect for weeknight dinners, or weekend dinners when you just don’t want to do too much. And while there’s nothing that I love more than an authentic recipe – cooked exactly step by step as per tradition – this one’s pretty hard to beat!

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  1. Ilaydaon 23 Jul 2012 at 6:28 pm

    Haven’t had much luck with the brisket yet as the falmiy never seems to let me smoke it long enough. I do a pretty mean pulled pork though I still haven’t come up with a rub, homemade or commercial, that I’m happy with. Wife never cared for breakfast sausage but she can’t get enough when I do a fattie. We babysit quite a bit for a 2yr old and she can’t get enough of my smoked spam. I also do some pretty decent chicken thighs. I work in the seed business so as long as they are planting I’m on call on weekends. Doesn’t happen very often but I’d hate to be at a competition 45 miles away and have to run back to get some farmer a bag of corn seed.

  2. kateon 25 Jul 2012 at 5:20 am

    Wow, Ilayda! All of that sounds so good!! Thanks for visiting, and for commenting!

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