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Jun 24 2014



Tzatziki is so good, and if you’re one of the ones still trying to figure out how to pronounce it, it’s za-DZEE-kee. It’s hard to imagine that this delicious Greek dip/condiment is made up mostly of cucumbers and yogurt, but that really is all it takes. Well, and maybe a little lemon juice and garlic. If you’re not a big fan of salting veggies and letting the water drain out of them, you can also grate the cukes, wrap them tightly in paper towel and squeeze really hard (like you do when making potato pancakes – and in fact, this dip would taste fantastic on those!)

1 English cucumber, seeded and diced $1.50
1/2 onion, diced $0.24
1 teaspoon salt $0.01
2 cups Greek yogurt $2.99
Juice and zest of 1 lemon $0.33
3 cloves garlic, grated or minced $0.03
3 tablespoons fresh dill, chopped $0.25
3 tablespoons fresh chives or green onions, chopped $0.21

Total cost $5.56
Cost per serving $1.39

1.) Place cucumbers and onions in a colander in a clean sink and sprinkle salt over top. Toss to coat and then let sit for 30 – 60 minutes to drain.

2.) Meanwhile, combine yogurt, lemon zest and juice, garlic cloves, dill, and chives or green onions in a bowl. When cucumbers and onions are ready, add them to the yogurt mixture and place in the fridge for at least half an hour to allow the flavours to marry.

3.) Serve, on kabobsgrilled meats, or burgers, and enjoy!

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