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May 06 2014

Summer Rolls

Summer Rolls

I love rolls. Any kind of rolls really. Whether something is rolled in tortillas, egg roll wrappers, or even lettuce, there’s something about having a neat little bundle on your plate that’s just incredibly satisfying. These summer rolls are not only pretty, but they’re also very, very healthy. Plus, you won’t be able to stop at just one. To make the assembly of these even easier on yourself, make sure you have the vegetables prepped before you even begin. Once those rice papers are softened, you’ll need to move quickly. I also placed the chili peppers in just a couple for those that like heat, and I placed them right on top of all the other vegetables. This way, those that don’t want them can easily see which ones won’t set their mouths on fire and opt for those instead.

4 rice papers $0.36
2 small packages (about 2 cups in total) rice noodles $0.98
1 cup watercress $1.49
1 cup baby spinach $0.62
1 yellow bell pepper, thinly sliced $0.71
4 or 5 radishes, thinly sliced $0.76
2 chili peppers, sliced (optional) $0.25
1/2 cup fresh cilantro, chopped (optional) $0.27

Total cost $5.44
Cost per serving $1.36

1.) Bring a large pot of water to a boil. When it’s rapidly boiling, place the rice noodles in, stir to break them up a bit, and then let them sit for three minutes. Use tongs or a spaghetti spoon to take the noodles out of the water and transfer them to a bowl of ice water. This will stop the cooking process, and will also prevent the noodles from sticking together once they’re drained. Reserve the boiled water in the pot, as you’ll need it for the rice papers. Once the rice noodles have sat in the ice water for a few minutes, drain them completely.

2.) Assemble the summer rolls one by one. Start by dipping the rice papers in the hot water in the pot and let it sit for one or two minutes. While you should try to submerge as much of the rice paper as you can, try not to let it go completely as the wrapper will become very thin and pliable, and there’s a chance you may not be able to pull it out of the water nice and straight if you let go of it.

3.) Once the rice paper has softened, lay it down on a cutting board or plate and start to assemble the rest of it. Start by laying some of the spinach and watercress down the centre of the wrapper. On top place a small handful of the rice noodles, with some pepper pieces and sliced radishes (and chili peppers, if using.)

4.) Fold one side of the rice paper over the filling, and press down lightly to make it stick. Fold the ends up and over the filling, and press lightly. Tightly, tucking the filling under as you do, roll the rest of the wrapper to ensure that the rolls are fairly tightly packed and then press the seams gently to make sure that they stick and will not come undone.

5.) When finished, sprinkle all rolls with cilantro if you choose, and serve with a dipping sauce such as Thai peanut sauce, if you choose.

6.) Serve and enjoy!

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