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Mar 31 2015

Russian Dressing

Russian Dressing

Russian dressing is that tangy, zesty dressing that is the trademark of Reuben sandwiches and some other dishes, including some crab dish that I will never be able to try. While the one we make at work is slightly different than this version, this one does come from Martha herself, so you know it’s gonna be a good thing. I doubled the recipe when I made it, because I love it so much; these measurements give you about 2 cups of Russian dressing.

And now, for a bit of history (and possibly the chance to make some cash)….

Russian dressing isn’t actually from Russia, it’s from New Hampshire, which is where James E. Colburn lived when he invented it. There are tons of variations, some using mayo while others use an oil and vinegar emulsion, some using ketchup while others use chili sauce or paste, and others include ingredients like horseradish and pimentos in theirs. Although we know all of these different varieties as Russian dressing today, when Colburn invented it, he originally called it “Russian Mayonnaise” and the first jars he made had this name on the label. If you can get your hands on one – and there are still some floating around – they can be worth tens of thousands of dollars! For real! So keep your eyes peeled and in the meantime, enjoy this tasty Russian dressing from Martha.

1 cup mayonnaise $0.74
2 tablespoons ketchup $0.08
2 tablespoons pickle relish $0.07
2 tablespoons lemon juice $0.33
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce $0.03
1 teaspoon coarse salt $0.01
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper $0.01

Total cost $1.27

1.) In a medium-sized bowl combine all ingredients. Use in Reubens, salads, and anywhere else you need some of the most delicious zip.

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