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May 01 2014

Peppers and Eggs

Eggs in Peppers

As most of you know, I love eggs. And when it comes to food, the only thing I might love more than eggs are eggs that are stuffed inside of other food – such as avocados, or even in bread such as with Frog in a Hole. That’s why when I saw this new craze (most popular on Pinterest) of stuffing bell peppers with my favourite food, I was excited. And when I made them, I was even more so. First of all, they look like little flowers in your pan – they’re so pretty! But when it’s time to dig in, the sweetness of the pepper cuts through the richness of the egg yolk, creating the perfect balance, and the perfect breakfast. You can change this up however you want, cooking the eggs for longer if you like firmer yolks, or flipping the peppers in the pan before adding the egg.

3 bell peppers, of any colour $2.13
3 eggs $0.60
2 tablespoons vegetable oil $0.06
Salt $0.01
Pepper $0.01

Total cost $2.81
Cost per serving $2.81

1.) Crack each egg into its own small bowl, making sure that no shell falls in and that the yolks don’t break. Pour the vegetable oil into a skillet set over medium heat so the pan can begin to preheat. Take the spatula you will use to take the peppers out of the skillet, and run the front and back of it along the bottom of the pan. This will coat the spatula in oil, making the pepper slip off it when it’s time to transfer to a plate (or, if you’re more prepared than I am, simply spray it with non-stick cooking spray.)

2.) Cut tops off peppers and slice one fairly thick ring, about an inch thick. Sprinkle salt and pepper on the inside. This will season the eggs so that you don’t have to season the eggs and mess up how pretty they’ll be when they’re finished cooking.

3.) Place the pepper rings inside the skillet. Then, one by one, hold one of the peppers down while you pour the egg yolk into the centre of it. This will help ensure that the whites of the egg don’t run out of the bottom of the bell pepper, leaving you with very little in the centre. Cook for about 5 minutes, until the eggs have set. Carefully remove and transfer to a plate.

4.) Serve and enjoy!

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