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Apr 18 2014

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Moms Grilled Cheese

My mom loves grilled cheese sandwiches. In fact, she loves them more than anyone I’ve ever known. Like many homes, they were a staple in my house growing up, and it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that they were actually one of the building blocks of my culinary interest today. I mean, what’s more simple and beautiful than a basic grilled cheese sandwich? If you’re making them like my mom though, there are a couple of rules to follow.

The first, use white cheese. While I’m sure I had many Kraft Singles in between my grilled cheeses as a kid, my mom loves white cheese far more than she does any other kind (and I’m not sure she even touches that processed stuff anymore.) I’ve used Fontina in this sandwich, but any cheese will do so long as it’s white.

Second, cut the sandwich in four. This my friends, is non-negotiable. Mom insists that this is the way grilled cheese sandwiches were meant to be served, and I’m inclined to agree with her. There is after all, a certain joy that comes from nibbling on those small triangles (and seeing that melted stuff in all its glory as it oozes between those slices.)

Then, just enjoy. But really enjoy it, knowing that some of the best things in life are sometimes also the simplest. It’s a lesson Mom taught me when she was still making all my grilled cheeses for me, and one that has stayed with me to this day. And it’s probably why, even after all the many different versions of grilled cheese we’ve looked at this week, this one is still my favourite. Because it’s simple, it’s perfection,and it’s the one Mom taught me how to make.

So Mom, this one is for you. For all the sandwiches, and for all the lessons, I thank you.

2 slices white bread $0.28
2 tablespoons butter $0.12
1/2 cup Fontina cheese, shredded $1.99

Total cost $2.39
Cost per serving $2.39

1.) Spread butter over one slice of the bread, and then place in a skillet, butter-side down. Butter the other side. Place cheese over the entire slice. Butter the other slice of bread and then place on top of the cheese, butter-side down as well. Then butter the top of that slice.

2.) Turn heat to medium and cook, until one side is crispy and golden brown, about three minutes. Flip, and cook the other side of the sandwich for another two to three minutes, until that side is also crispy and golden, and the cheese inside has melted entirely.

3.) Remove from heat, let sit for just a minute, and then cut into four.

4.) Serve and enjoy!

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