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Jan 31 2014

Lime Soda

Lime Pop

Whether you’re serving a party crowd and really want to impress, or just have a craving for a sugary drink when the supply in your own fridge has run low, this lime soda is really a lot of fun to make. Soda (or pop as we call it here in the North,) can be very complicated, or very simple, to make at home. If you want to make your own carbonation and the whole nine, you’ll need special equipment, a lot of time, and quite a bit of cash to get you on the right track. However, this is one place that I don’t feel at all bad about using a shortcut. I mean, you’re making your own pop for heaven’s sakes! Also, while we’re on the road of not feeling guilty, don’t worry about the amount of sugar in the syrup. The syrup will make at least a dozen servings, splitting that sugar up some, and you can always reduce the amount if it’s too sweet for your taste.

1 bottle club soda $2.99
Zest and juice of three limes $1.50
1 cup sugar $0.19
1 cup water Free!
1 tray of ice cubes Free!

Total cost $4.68
Cost per serving $0.39

1.) Place lime juice and zest in a small saucepan along with sugar and water. Stir to combine and then bring up to a boil. Boil lightly for about two minutes, just until the sugar dissolves completely in the mixture. Allow to cool slightly. (If you don’t want the zest in your drink, you can also strain the syrup through a fine mesh strainer once it’s cooled off a bit. I kind of like the colour the zest brings to the drink though.)

2.) Place three or four ice cubes in a tall glass and then pour in syrup, filling about 1/4 of the glass. Fill rest of glass with club soda, and mix thoroughly. Garnish with a straw and lime wedge, if desired.

3.) Serve and enjoy!

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