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Mar 06 2014

Ginger Beef

Ginger Beef 2

I love flank steak. In fact, I love it so much that I’m willing to say it’s my favourite type of steak. Yes, I’d even put it over sirloin and rib-eye. I just think it’s that good. And I think a few years ago it used to be one of the cheaper types of cuts you could find, but that’s just not the case anymore. It’s certainly not the most expensive cut you’ll come across, but it’s not the cheapest either. I still think it’s worth the few extra bucks to bring that flavour to your dinner table and when it’s time to do so, I’m always looking for different things to do with it. This ginger beef recipe is also one of my favourites, and makes a great main when you’re doing Chinese at home, or just want something really tasty.

1 flank steak, sliced very thinly $14.50
3/4 cup cornstarch $3.24
1/2 cup water Free!
2 eggs $0.40
1 large carrot, julienned $0.17
3 green onions, thinly sliced $0.21
1/4 cup fresh ginger, grated or minced $0.49
5 garlic cloves, grated or minced $0.05
3 tablespoons soy sauce $0.15
4 tablespoons rice vinegar $0.42
1 tablespoon sesame oil $0.10
1/2 cup sugar $0.10
3 teaspoons chili pepper flakes $0.69
1 cup of canola oil, for frying $1.10

Total cost $21.62
Cost per serving $5.40

1.) Place cornstarch in a large bowl and very gradually whisk in water.

2.) Beat eggs into mixture.

3.) Add beef and toss to coat.

4.) Place canola oil into a wok or large pot and heat over medium-high heat until the oil is nearly smoking.

5.) Working in batches, add beef to the oil and cook, stirring with a fork frequently to keep pieces of beef separate. When one batch is done, remove and place on paper towels to drain. Repeat with remaining pieces of beef.

6.) Drain all but one tablespoon of oil out of the pot and add carrots, onion, ginger, and garlic – in that order.

7.) Fry very briefly, stirring the entire time.

8.) In a separate bowl combine the soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, sugar, and chili pepper flakes. Add to vegetable mixture in the pot.

9.) Bring the entire mixture to a boil and then add beef back into the pot. Stir to thoroughly combine all the ingredients and cook just until all ingredients are warmed through.

10.) Serve and enjoy!

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