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Jan 26 2014

Chips and Dip

Chips and Dip 2

While I gave you a very healthy snack recipe yesterday, today marks exactly one week until Super Bowl Sunday, and I have a feeling those radish chips just won’t satisfy a grease-craving crowd. If you’re still searching for awesome appetizers to serve during the game, these potato chips and dip are things that everyone always love. The chips do take some time, but be sure to make lots. I’m not kidding when I say they go quick! They can also be quite salty, as I season after each batch comes out of the fryer. If you want to tone down the salt a bit, season every other batch, drain, and then toss them in with the rest of the cooked batches and give a good toss.

I don’t know when I learned to make potato chips; I’ve been doing it for awhile. The dip recipe I tried for the first time last summer when I attended a potluck barbecue, and it comes from Alton Brown.

For the chips:

12 potatoes, scrubbed clean and thinly sliced with a mandolin $2.52
About 8 cups of vegetable oil, for frying $8.80
Salt $0.02

For the dip:

2 tablespoons olive oil $0.06
2 large onions, diced $0.94
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt $0.01
1 1/2 cups sour cream $0.90
3/4 cups mayonnaise $0.75
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder $0.03
1/4 teaspoon pepper $0.01
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt $0.01

Total cost $14.05
Cost per serving $2.34

1.) Place the potato slices in a large bowl (or two) of ice water. Allow them to sit, completely covered by water, for at least an hour, but as many as three.

2.) Drain potatoes completely on paper towels after they have been iced. Lay them flat in a single file on paper towels, and then dab dry. Allow them to sit and air dry for at least 30 minutes longer.

3.) Place the oil for frying in a large Dutch oven or deep-fryer and bring to a temperature of 375 degrees Fahrenheit. In batches, fry potatoes for about 5 – 7 minutes (depending on how big your batch and fryer) until they turn crisp and golden brown. Using a spider or slotted spoon, remove from fryer, drain on paper towel, and season with salt. Set aside in a large bowl and repeat with remaining potato slices, frying in batches, draining, and seasoning. The chips can be served right away, or stored in an airtight container for up to a week. You may need to crisp them in the oven for just a few minutes after storing.

4.) When all of the potatoes have been fried (you don’t want to be doing anything else during that time,) start making the dip. Add two tablespoons of olive oil to a skillet over medium heat. When oil is hot add diced onions and salt.

5.) Cook the onions until they are soft and carmalized, about 20 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside to cool.

6.) Combine the rest of the ingredients in a medium-sized bowl and mix thoroughly. Add cooled onions, and mix once again. (At this point, I always blend it all up with an immersion blender. That’s my own preference, not Alton’s requirement, but I like my dip smooth.)

7.) Place the dip in the fridge for at least half an hour before serving, and stir again before placing on the table.

8.) Serve and enjoy!

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