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Sep 10 2009

Chicken Fried Rice

1 egg $0.17
1 tablespoon water Free with your water bill
1 tablespoon butter $0.06
1 tablespoon vegetable oil $0.07
2 cups cooked cold rice $0.34
2 tablespoons soy sauce $0.24
1 teaspoon ground black pepper $0.01
1 cup chopped, cooked chicken (about 1 breast) $3.30
2 large carrots, diced $0.34
1 onion, diced $0.47
1 cup frozen peas $0.35

Total Cost  $5.35

1.) Crack the egg into a small bowl and add water. Whisk well with a fork. Meanwhile, add butter to a large skillet and turn heat to medium-low.

2.) Add the egg to the skillet and allow it to run flat over the bottom of the pan. Remove the egg from the skillet and cut it into shreds.

3.) Add the oil to the same skillet the egg was in and then also add the onion and carrots. Saute until the carrot is just beginning to soften. Add the rice, soy sauce, chicken, pepper, and salt. Stir fry together until everything is warmed through and covered with soy sauce. Add the egg and peas for one minute at the very end and cook until the both are heated through.

4.) Serve and enjoy!

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