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Jun 12 2009


Folate, also known as folic acid, is beneficial for many things but what it’s most known for is its importance during pregnancy and for fetal development. The fact is that folate is extremely important during fetal formation as it can greatly reduce the risk of problems with the spine and brain, especially during the very early weeks of pregnancy. Because of this, women who are thinking of getting pregnant should take an additional 400ug/day of folate in addition to the 400ug/day that both men and women should take.

Folate is also helpful for much more than fetal development. This essential nutrient helps get energy from food and also helps with cell division as well as red blood cell formation. Folate also helps convert Vitamin B12 into a form that can be metabolized and it helps prevent anemia and cancer.

Citrus fruits and their juices, as well as leafy, green vegetables are thought to be the best food sources of folate. Legumes, poultry, and enriched grain products can also be good ways to get more folate into your diet.

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