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Jun 12 2009


Biotin is another one of those words that we may often hear but don’t really understand. Found on food labels and thought to be a good thing, Biotin certainly pulls its own weight, even if not many know what it does.

Biotin helps get energy from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, and it also helps the body utilize Vitamin B. It also helps create fatty acids, which can also be an essential part of brain development. What perhaps you may be most thankful for to biotin however is that it plays an essential role in the process of gluconeogenesis, which is when the body begins to break down protein during periods of extreme hunger.

The body does make some biotin in the GI tract but not nearly enough for that to be the only source of the essential nutrient. It can be found in many foods although egg yolks, meats, fish, soybeans, whole grains, and dark leafy vegetables are the best sources.

Men and women both need 30ug/day of biotin.

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