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Jun 06 2011

Easy Beef Enchiladas

Cinco de Mayo isn’t hugely celebrated up here in Canada, at least not in any of the neighbourhoods that I’ve ever lived in. But every year when it comes along I see all the delicious Mexican recipes on TV and in magazines and it always makes me think that I really should start cooking more Mexican dishes. It is one of my favourite types of food and it really is so easy to make, not to mention cheap as well. So this year when May 5 rolled around, I started hunting around for an easy Mexican recipe to get me started and I found two of them at the Recipe Girl website: Easy Beef Enchiladas, and homemade Enchilada Sauce.

Both of these recipes are very good and very easy to make. I definitely recommend taking the few minutes to whip up the enchilada sauce. I don’t think I’ve ever had it out of a tin either but this recipe is so good and really doesn’t take too much to make yourself; they both get a big thumbs-up from me. For the recipes, head on over to Recipe Girl and check out the recipes. She’s got some great step-by-step photos that take you through the entire recipe and will make your own foray into Mexican cooking even easier!

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  1. Lori @ RecipeGirlon 06 Jun 2011 at 8:59 am

    Thanks so much- glad you enjoyed!

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