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Jun 14 2009

Time-Saving Tips

Anybody who cooks on a regular basis wants to make sure that they are saving time whenever they can in the kitchen while still preparing delicious meals. The good news is that the kitchen is one area where you can make your own shortcuts and find time where you need it! Here are some of the tricks I use to save myself time in the kitchen.

  • I cook and freeze whatever I can. This means that if I’m making a lasagna for my family of 4, I’ll make a huge baking tray of it. Once we’ve eaten our share, I’ll transfer the cooled meal into another container and freeze it for another night. It’s so handy to be able to just reach in and grab something when you’re running about after work and preschool!
  • Planning your meals for a week will save you hours in the kitchen. You will not only not waste time wondering what you’re going to cook but you can also save time by roasting a chicken for your barbecued chicken one night and saving the breasts to be used for stir fry later in the week.
  • Buy produce when it’s on sale and chop up what you won’t use right away. Place in baggies or airtight containers and you have your prep done when you want to cook with them! Veggies are fine to freeze as long as you plan on cooking with them later.
  • A tip that I learned from watching Rachel Ray – use a bowl as a garbage can when you cook. This will stop you from wasting time going back and forth to the garbage but will keep it all nice and neat for you when it’s time to throw it away.
  • If you’re browning ground beef, pork, or chicken, brown large quantities at once and freeze it in 1-cup portions. Simply heating it up when you need it will be the same as freshly cooking it!

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