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Jun 14 2009

Helpful Cooking Supplies

Every cook needs tools that they feel comfortable using and that make the job of feeding a small army (or your family) much easier and simpler. I have found along the way that there are some items that I simply cannot live without because they save me so much time and effort in the kitchen. Here are a few of my ‘must-have’ kitchen tools.

Potato Masher – These can be bought at a dollar store and are simply two pieces of plastic. One is a handle and the other is a masher that’s used to squish down potatoes and make them creamy and smooth. I’ve tried mixing my potatoes with a hand mixer but my husband and I both prefer them mashed by hand.

A Steamer – Whatever kind of steamer you want, make sure you have one! There are steamers that are pots inside of another pot, or that are simple folding platforms that can fit inside of another pot. Steaming is a great way to prepare fish and vegetables and every kitchen should have one.

Salad Spinner – For years I thought of a way I could get my lettuce completely dry without wringing the crap out of it. There isn’t one. If you don’t have a salad spinner, get one. Your salads will never taste better or crisper and you’ll save yourself a lot of effort. I bought mine 5 years ago for 10 bucks.

Roasting Pan – Roasting pans aren’t just for meat anymore. Use them to roast potatoes, squash, or lay your fish flat while it bakes, roasting pans are marvelous inventions! Invest in one that’s sturdy and if possible, has a grate at the bottom so your meat will always be perfect, crispy, and minus the fat!

Apple Slicer – Maybe it’s because I have kids who love sliced apples but I couldn’t live without this little gadget that makes preparing snack time simple and easy instead of time consuming and a pain in the neck!

Slotted Spoon – It seems like such a simple thing but when you have carrots in water or perogies bubbling away that you need out of liquid but don’t want to drain, slotted spoons are just the thing!

Kitchen Shears – These are great tools that make snipping parsley, cutting though tough meat, or cutting up your kid’s food a breeze!

Serated pairing knife – This is the perfect thing for when I want to dig into my plump, juicy tomatoes but want to do so with precision and not lose too much of the juice!

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