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Jun 14 2009

Grilling Tips

Besides the hot, hot sun beating down on me in the summer, my very next favourite thing about this fabulous season is that it’s barbecuing time! There are many reasons why I love barbecuing; it’s fast, easy, and cleanup is a cinch! But taking good care of your barbecue and knowing a few tricks that I’ve learned myself along the way can help turn your outdoor grill into your very own gourmet cookery! Here are some of the most useful tips I’ve found.

  • Before placing anything on your grill, oil it and preheat it. I like to oil my grill before I turn the heat on (because I’m a bit of a pansy as well around the BBQ.) I just dip a paper towel into some oil and then spread it across my grill. Then I turn the grill on to the heat I need it. Preheating is a must to avoid over-handling your food.
  • Marinating is key when it comes to barbecuing. I sit my meat in a delicious marinade for as long as it will allow and then use the marinade as a baste. Extra marinade must always be thrown out so try not to make too much excess.
  • Meat and fish can dry out pretty quick on the grill. For meat such as steaks and burgers that can take some time cook, making sure that they are at least 1-inch thick will ensure that you still get choice, juicy meat! For fish, I like to wrap it in aluminum, lay it on a soaked board, or use indirect heat.
  • Learning how to use direct and indirect heat is key with your grill. One half of the grill should be hot with flame under it while the other half should have all heat turned off completely. Use the direct heat to sear in flavour and the indirect heat side to cook the food the rest of the way through.
  • Direct cooking on a charcoal grill requires coal to be stacked up in a pyramid on one side with the top coals being 1-2 inches away from the food. On the indirect side, coal or briquettes can be placed along the sides of the grill with the food being positioned over a drip pan.
  • Trimming the fat around the edges of meat to 1/8″ thick can help prevent flame flare-ups and can eliminate the black, curled edges that sometimes appear around meat.
  • Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are both very toxic fumes that are released when grilling. This is why it’s important to never BBQ inside or in an enclosed area.
  • Only tongs should ever be used to turn the meat that you are grilling. Using a fork to pierce and turn the food will release valuable juices and will dry your meat out quicker.
  • Meats should only be turned once during grilling. Closing the lid to help keep heat in and cook food through completely. Turning the meat can result in the meat taking too long and the food not being cooked evenly through. Also, if you turn the meat too soon after placing it on the grill, it’s most likely to stick so be patient.
  • BBQ sauce and other sugary sauces, marinades, or finishing touches should only be added at the end. These liquids only need to be heated through quickly and leaving them on too long will only cause the meat, and the sauce, to burn.

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  1. outdoorgrilleron 15 Jun 2009 at 6:10 pm

    Those are some good tips. I like the one about using tongs instead of a fork so that the juices dont come out and start flare ups.It helps keep carbons from getting on the meat.I have a collection of tips and recipes for grilling and if you would like to see them you can visit http://www.cookingandgrillinoutdoors.com

  2. kateon 16 Jun 2009 at 2:20 pm

    Hi Outdoor Griller,
    Thanks so much for checking out the site. It’s still new and under construction as you can probably tell! I would love to check out your site too and add it to my blogroll if that would be okay with you. Would you add me onto yours as well?

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