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Jun 14 2009

Broiling Tips

The biggest broiling debate seems to be whether or not you should broil with the oven door open or closed. I keep mine closed when I broil but I can also see some benefits to leaving the door open slightly. Leaving it open a bit lets you peek inside to make sure that your food isn’t burning and it also lets you make sure there are no flare-ups, which sometimes happens with broiling. But I find that leaving the door closed also helps lock the heat inside and I also don’t need to worry about one of my kids bonking their head against the open over door.

However you choose to position the oven door, it’s most important that you keep a close eye on the food as one minute of over-broiling can be dinner disaster. Other than watching your food like a hawk, here are some other tips that I hope you find helpful.

  • Food usually needs to be broiled 4 inches away from the heat away source. This means that the top of the food should be 4 inches away and you should try to measure it as accurately as you can.
  • Food that is at room temperature before going into the oven is best for broiling.
  • Many people don’t like broiling because it can create a bit of a mess. Try covering the dip tray and the bottom of the oven with aluminum foil that you can toss after cooking or spray it with vegetable oil so that when you slide it out, washing it’s a breeze!
  • Hot oil dropping down into the drip pan can be a source of easy flare-ups. Placing a piece of bread in the pan will soak up the oil and prevent it from the splattering that causes the flare-ups.
  • Preheating the broiler is crucial. This cooks your food extremely quickly at an extremely high heat, which gives the best broiling results.
  • If you are basting meat while you’re broiling it, warm the basting sauce up a little before placing it into the broiler. Covering hot food with cold basting sauce can make cooking times longer and can burn or dry out the food.

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