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Jun 21 2009

Cooking Glossary: S

Saffron – The very most expensive spice, saffron is used for flavouring and to give food a yellow colour. It’s derived from the crocus flower.

Sage – This is a very aromatic herb that’s used for flavouring. It’s commonly found in turkey and poultry dishes, as well as stuffing.

Saute – To quickly cook food in a small amount of oil until it’s browned evenly on all sides.

Score – To make small and shallow cuts along one side of meat. This allows heat to escape during cooking and allows the meat to cook more evenly.

Simmer – Once liquid has been brought up to a boil, the heat is turned down and the liquid is brought to a temperature that’s just below the boiling point.

Sirloin – A very choice cut of beef.

Slurry – A combination of broth/water and cornstarch/flour meant to thicken a liquid. Slurrys should be made beforehand in order to prevent the liquid from having clumps in it. It’s also important to note that in order to be effective, slurrys need to be added to hot liquids.

Souffle – A souffle can be sweet or savoury and is made with egg yolks. Egg whites are then beaten and folded in and the entire dish is then baked.

Stock – A liquid that has had vegetables, beef, or poultry cooked in so that the liquid has absorbed the colour and flavour. Water can be used to make a stock and wine is another popular option.

Sweat – Sweating is a way of cooking vegetables so that they are steamed, softened but not browned. A very, very tiny amount of liquid is used when sweating vegetables.

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