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Jun 21 2009

Cooking Glossary: P

Paprika – A red spice used for flavouring that is usually Spanish or Hungarian, both with very distinct flavours.

Parboil – To parboil, food is partially cooked by boiling it before it’s cooked using another method.

Parsley – This green herb is used fresh as often as it is dried. It’s used to garnish and flavour dishes and is often eaten as a vegetable as well.

Pate – A spread that’s made from meat or fish and can be of varying texture.

Pestle and Mortar – A valuable kitchen tool, the pestle is a club-shaped instrument that’s used to pound different seeds or ingredients that are within the mortar, a small and shallow but very hard bowl. Mostly used to grind small seeds and spices or to mix ingredients so that they become infused with flavour.

Poach – To poach food, it’s placed in hot water that has a temperature of just under boiling.

Pot Roast – Roast that has been slow cooked on a rack over a very small amount of liquid in a covered pot.

Puree – Food that has been processed and blended so that it is a smooth sauce or paste.

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