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Jun 21 2009

Cooking Glossary: M

Macerate – To soak fruits or vegetables in liquid so that they can become absorbed with the flavour of that liquid.

Mackerel – A sea fish that has a very firm flesh. Mackerels are very oily.

Mandolin – A hand-held tool that lies flat and is equipped with many different blades. Used to very thinly slice fruits and vegetables.

Marinate – This process requires meat to sit in liquid for varying lengths of time. Marinating is done for two main reasons: to enhance the flavour of the meat or to tenderize the meat.

Marzipan – This paste can be shaped and molded to serve as the base for special icings or to top icings with custom-shaped candies and decorations. The paste is hardened and is made from ground almonds, sugar, and eggs.

Meringue – A light and fluffy topping that’s baked so that it’s hard and browned outside but light and fluffy inside. Meringue is made from beating egg whites and sugar together until stiff peaks form.

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