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Jun 21 2009

Cooking Glossary: F

Fennel – This plant can be eaten as it is or it can be turned into an herb. It has a taste very similar to black licorice.

Fillet – Any piece of lean meat or fish that has been deboned.

Filo Pastry – This pastry is very thin and is mostly used in European and Middle Eastern cooking.

Flambe – This is a French term used for when food is covered with a small amount of liquor and then flame is set to it. Not only is this a very dramatic presentation but it also very quickly cooks and browns the food.

Florentine – This term is used for biscuits or for any dish that contains spinach.

Florets – This term refers to the heads of some flowery vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower.

Fold – This is mixing method that’s used to combine ingredients together while still leaving air in the mix so that it’s light and fluffy. It’s usually done when flour or sugar need to be beaten with egg whites.

Fondant – This can be used to describe a thin, sweet and soft icing. Fondants can also be potatoes that are sauteed to keep a soft centre.

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