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Jun 21 2009

Cooking Glossary: D

Dandelion – The leaves of this wild and cultivated weed is deliciously fresh when eaten in salads.

Deglaze – This is a cooking process where wine or other liquid is used with remaining juices and ‘brown bits’ that are left in the pan. The liquids are heated up and the bottom of the pan scraped to get all the goodness to make a delicious sauce that usually accompanies the roast that was cooked in the same dish.

Deep Fry – Cooking food so that it’s completely immersed in bubbling, hot oil.

Dice – To chop food so that it is in very small squares that are even smaller than cubes.

Double Cream – When double cream, or ‘heavy cream’, is called for in a recipe, it generally refers to cream that is 48% fat. This cream is great for boiling, baking, whipping, and freezing. Used for when a heavy cream base is needed.

Dredge – To completely cover food such as meat or fruit with flour or sugar.

Dripping – Fat that is rendered off of meat while it is being cooked, usually from roasting.

Dry – This is a term that refers to wine that does not have a sweet flavouring.

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