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Jun 21 2009

Cooking Glossary: C

Canapes – Small appetizers that are served with drinks.

Capers – Small, pickled and salty flower buds. One is about the size of a raisin and they are used to top things such as salmon or used in creme fraiche.

Caramelize – This term is used when sugar is melted to the point where it becomes liquid and is later solidified to a hard glaze. Vegetables are often cooked this way so that their natural sugars can be released and they can become mellower and sweeter in flavour.

Cardamom – This seed is actually a small pod and has a very pungent flavour. It’s used in small amounts to season dishes and is also a very pricey spice.

Casserole – A hearty dish baked in an oven.

Cayenne Pepper – A very hot spice that’s usually ground and is used to add zing to dishes.

Celery Seed – This savoury herb can be eaten fresh or dried and tastes very much like green celery. Use it wherever you want to add a crisp and fresh flavour, such as in soups or sauces.

Chutney – A blend of spiced and relished fruits and vegetables, served cold or hot and cooked or uncooked.

Chuck – A cut of beef that is considered to be a ‘cheap’ cut. Chuck beef is best used for casseroles and stews.

Cilantro – The American term for coriander.

Cinnamon – This bark is great for using in sweet and spicy dishes. It can be ground or whole.

Clarified Butter – Many cooks enjoy cooking with clarified butter because it doesn’t burn as quickly and because of its purity. Clarified butter is melted and strained so that the impurities can be removed.

Cloves – Cloves are another sweet spice that can also come ground or whole.

Cod – Cod is a white sea fish that has a light and flaky flesh.

Consomme – A soup that although coloured, is clear.

Coriander – This herb is most often used to garnish dishes although its strong flavouring often makes it the perfect touch for many dishes. The American term for this is cilantro.

Cornflour – This starch is used as a thickener.

Corn Syrup – This syrup is very sweet and gold in colour.

Cream of Tartar – This powder, most often used in baking, consists of tartaric acid and is used with baking soda. It’s found in baking powder and self-raising flour.

Creaming – This is a cooking or baking method that requires you to combine ingredients until they are fully blended and smooth, having the consistency of whipped cream.

Creme Fraiche – This thick cream is used often in French and gourmet cooking. Creme Fraiche has a very sharp and tangy flavour and is made from very thick cream.

Crepe – French pancakes that are extremely thin and are usually stuffed with fruit or topped with whipped cream, fruit, and syrups.

Curry Powder – This strong spice which is mostly associated with Indian cooking is actually a mixture of spices. Because of the many different possibilities for blends, there are many different kinds of curry powder although in the Western world, curry powder usually has one very distinctive taste.

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