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Jun 21 2009

Cooking Glossary: A

Acetic Acid – This is acid that’s found in vinegar. It forms after the second fermentation of beer, wine, or cider.

Acidulated Water – You can make this by adding lemon juice or wine vinegar to water. It’s mostly used so that vegetables won’t discolour after they’ve been peeled.

Albumen – This is a fancy term for egg white.

Allspice – This spice comes from a berry and is used for flavouring dishes, mainly desserts.

Anchovy – These small fish are packed in salt and sometimes oil, although they’re oily enough often without needing any added. Paste is often used to flavour dishes such as Caesar salad dressings or as a topping, such as you would find on pizza.

Artichokes – These yummy thistles are delicious served when the hearts are soaked in vinegar and oil and served as antipasto. But they’re equally delicious when served in dishes such as casseroles or just eaten peeled. Many are intimidated to buy whole artichokes because they don’t know how to eat it. To eat artichokes as they are, peel back the large leaves and eat the bottom, fleshy portion. Inside, at the bottom is where you’ll find the heart of the artichoke.

Au Gratin – This is a topping that’s used for casseroles and other baked dishes. Usually it’s breadcrumbs or cheese but it can also be a sauce of some sort.

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