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Mar 04 2011

“To Marry”

I’ve thought about adding this post about my favourite cooking term for some time now and being an official newlywed, I feel that it couldn’t be a more appropriate time. As much as I love cooking (and writing and words in general,) it’s not often that I get excited about a cooking term just because I love the word. But there’s something about the cooking term “to marry” that’s just so plain nice.

“To marry” a dish means to put all the ingredients together and then let it sit for a little while, usually anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours. Allowing the ingredients to sit like this allows the ingredients to hang out together for a bit and blend together to eventually make a dish that tastes perfect. You can mix all the ingredients together and then use them right away. But it won’t taste the same as when you let them all really work together to make that something special; and the chances are that it won’t taste nearly as good. Because on their own, those ingredients are good. But together, they’re spectacular.

Of course, not all recipes will need you to give the ingredients time “to marry,” so don’t get all carried away with the term and start making everything you cook sit together before doing anything with it. In some cases of course, the ingredients were meant to stand alone. But the next time you see that a recipe calls for ingredients “to marry” – mix it up, wrap it up, set it aside and think about what a nice thing you’re doing for your food.

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