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Oct 04 2009

So Much Happening in the Kitchen!

There has been so much happening lately that I’ve barely gotten a chance to get my “real” work done, let alone get onto this site as much as I would like. But, there has been a ton going on and it all takes me right back to the place where I like to be best – in the kitchen! So stay tuned because there’s been a lot getting done, a lot that’s about to happen, and wonderful recipes that all go right along with it!

First of all, Kate’s Cuisine is going to be appearing in Woman’s World Magazine!!! The magazine was interested in talking to me about the turkey sling, which I mention in my Roasted Turkey Tips. I gave them my opinion about it and of course, was given the amazing opportunity to plug my small little blog in a national magazine! I’m so excited! The issue of the magazine will be out on newsstands November 9 but the issue is dated for November 16. The chances of my piece actually getting into the magazine are good but the columnist did tell me that there was a small chance it may not. If that’s the case, she said that they usually try to make it up with later pieces. So, fingers crossed….

Another exciting thing that’s going on is that I am about to cook my first turkey feast! And boy, am I excited! My younger daughter’s birthday is this coming Sunday, one week from today, and in celebration we are holding a second birthday party for her here at our new house in Kanata! Because Thanksgiving Day falls the Monday after, my in-laws, and the rest of the family (on my bf’s side) are coming over for Thanksgiving Dinner that same day! So, not only am I super excited about making my first turkey dinner, but it’s Thanksgiving Dinner – the big one! The turkey dinner of all turkey dinners! My brother, sister, and sister-in-law, as well as my baby niece, are all coming two weekends after that for a sibling reunion. I’m not only thinking of side dishes for the turkey dinner itself, but also dinners that I can do with the leftovers for when the rest of the family comes over! Planning is one of my favourite parts of cooking and entertaining so, I’m excited! And of course, there will be a ton of pics up here on Kate’s Cuisine of all dinners and dishes involved!

And, it’s also fall, which has become one of my very busiest times in the kitchen. Coming from southern Ontario, I grew up learning that fall was when all the crops came in. My grandma would spend weeks canning her delicious homemade jams, and coming over with pie after pie from the apples she had traded for some of her tomatoes. That’s just what I got used to. The fall before my first daughter was born (in January), I started canning thinking that I could use the fresh fruit to make baby food with, which I also did. But ever since that first season when I was already big as a house with baby in my belly, I have grown to have a very special love of canning.

Part of my love goes back to the tools I use and I cannot talk about canning without talking about my pot and my lift. My canning pot my grandma gave me. That alone is special, as are all the other dishes, pots, and cutlery that she gives me. Inside the pot is the lift. This is where all the jars sit so you can lift them easily and gently up and down while you’re taking them in and out of boiling water. The particular lift that I have in my canning pot was made by my grandpa, who passed away when I was 8. Canning never seems like a lot of work to me. I do it, exactly according to my grandma’s instructions 4 years ago, and it somehow seems to make me feel closer to my grandma and grandpa. And what’s labour intensive about that? So enough mushiness about the canning, I have already done a lot this year.

My mom was kind enough to bring up bushel loads of peaches, pears, apples, tomatoes, and blackberries. I’ve canned all of the peaches, pears, and tomatoes, so be sure to look for my spaghetti sauce recipe. I’ve also frozen some of the peaches, which I’m planning on using for a delicious peach pie, and I have a ton of frozen blackberries, which I’m planning on using for blackberry tarts. Look for all of these coming up soon on the site!

I also still have all of the apples left and oh yeah, the plums too! I’m making applesauce and plum sauce very soon (hoping today, maybe tomorrow) and I will be using that canning process as a guide to canning which I will be putting in the Cooking Tips page of the website. See? There’s so much happening in the kitchen!

And in the meantime, I gotta go figure out what I’m going to feed my family….

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