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Nov 02 2009

One Week from Today!!!

I’m so excited I can barely stand it!!! Exactly one week from today, Monday, November 9, the new edition of Woman’s World will be out on newsstands. And of course, this is so exciting to me because Kate’s Cuisine is to be featured in that edition!! Of course, in the magazine I talk about turkey slings as I do in my Roasted Turkey Tips, and how much easier they make cooking a turkey. When the writer for the magazine spoke to me over the phone she did say she couldn’t guarantee me a spot because sometimes things get cut. But she did say that she didn’t think my piece would get cut and that Kate’s Cuisine will specifically be mentioned in the magazine. She also said that even if my piece did get cut, she usually does a make up piece so that you (or me, in this case) can still get featured at some point. Well, it’s a week away and I haven’t heard anything about a make up piece so cross your fingers!!

I’ll be the first in the lineup next Monday waiting for my copy of Woman’s World! Then I’ll let you know if you should rush out and buy your twenty copies!! Well heck, it’s a great magazine, buy the twenty copies anyway.

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