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Jun 05 2014

Herb Guide to Cooking: Infographic

Yesterday we talked about chimichurri sauce, a sauce that’s made up primarily of herbs, and then emulsified with olive oil. Shortly after posting it, I was contacted by a rep from NeoMam Studios, telling me about this infographic they had created about cooking with herbs. She invited me to post it here on the site and after looking at it, I felt that everyone could benefit from having a peek – whether you’re a top notch chef, or a novice. What I found most interesting about it were the many different oils listed for each herb (I mean really, who’s ever thought about how the oil you’re using will affect the herb?) Let me know what you found most interesting about the infographic in the comment section below!

Herb Guide To Cooking



Herb Guide To Cooking [Infographic] by the team at heitonbuckley


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