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Mar 13 2014

Helpful Resources When You’re Going Low-Carb


If you’ve been following me this month, you know that March has been all about trying a low-carb, low-sugar diet. When I first talked about this initiative, I did promise that I’d bring you some great resources to help you along the way, and that have helped me too. And so now, I bring you two of them.

Carb Charts

T.C. Hale, known as Tony to those that have the pleasure of working closely with him, is a fitness and healthy-eating guru that really knows his stuff. I highly recommend his book Kick Fat in the Nuts, which can be found on Amazon. In the meantime though, just check out his many tools and resources that will help you in your weight-loss and diet plans. The resources I’ve found the most helpful are his carb charts that you can find on his website, kickitinthenuts.com. Here you’ll find three different charts, including very low active carbs, low active carbs, and medium active carbs. If you’re trying to get carbs out of your diet, these charts will tell you which foods will keep you on track, and they’re a great resource.


I’ve already given you lots of different snack recipes that will help keep you on track, including radish and kale chips. But let’s be honest. While those are great recipes, you’re going to need to nosh on more than just dried vegetables sometimes. You’ll be able to find all kinds of ‘clean eating snack’ lists all around the Web, but this one at Skinny Ms. really is my favourite. Not only will you get lots of great snacking ideas, but it also has all kinds of different links to the many different benefits some foods hold, such as eggs and pineapple. There are lots of great ideas here (50 to be exact,) and you’ll walk away with a lot more knowledge too.

So happy snacking and for those that are on this low-carb journey with me, I wish you well. We have just over two weeks left! How are you feeling about it so far?

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