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May 02 2010

Chicken Stock Tip

Hey everyone! Thank you all so much for being so patient with me this past month, as I’ve been buried under work and not able to get to my beloved Cuisine nearly as much as I would hope. I come with promises that tomorrow, I will be uploading and uploading, and resizing pictures, and reliving all of my favorite recipes as I get some new stuff up. Because really, we’ve all had a little much of that spaghetti sauce, haven’t we?

I also leave you with this very handy tip for making chicken stock. It comes from Bobby Flay’s show Throwdown with Bobby Flay. I was watching that on Friday night and Bobby and his competitor (a restauranter in New York City) were making matzo ball soup (which is on my list of things to conquer, by the way.) Bobby was getting some last-minute tips from some ladies who know their way around a matzo ball, and they had a great tip for making the chicken stock they use for their soup.

Make the chicken stock any other way you normally would, adding the meat, the carrots, the celery, and your seasonings. But when you add the onion, leave the peel on and just toss the onion, as is, into the pot. Don’t peel it, chop it, cut it, or do anything to it. The explanation for this is that it adds colour to the soup.

Intrigued, and having to make a new batch of chicken stock this weekend anyway, I tried it. Whaddya’ know, I had perfectly golden chicken stock! It’s a great tip and just goes to show why watching corny cooking reality shows on Friday night isn’t a bad thing.

See ya tomorrow with a brand new recipe!

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