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Sep 29 2011

Beware of Poisoned Blackberries!

It’s Poisoned Blackberry day! We are celebrating this day around my house with – guess what? Lots and lots of blackberries! I am lucky enough to have a grandmother that has bushes and bushes of blackberries every single year. And every single year, I’ve just unloaded all the blackberries out of my freezer when it’s time for the new crop to come in and I get to fill my freezer back up. It’s good news for me, who loves free food and loves to find new recipes (if you had asked me 3  years ago for a blackberry recipe, I would have been at a loss – now I have tons of them!) And it’s also great news for my older daughter, who has recently discovered that to her,  blackberries fall second only to the mighty strawberry. My daughter loves blackberries and is perfectly content to have a big bowl of them – no sugar, no nothing – just about whenever she can. But I try to keep her away from the poisoned ones.

So just what the heck is Poisoned Blackberry Day anyway?

The reason for the day actually has a couple of theories behind it. The first, English, legend says that after the Devil was kicked out of Heaven on October 11 (I’ve been a Christian my entire life and have never heard any significance attached to this date,) he sought revenge by spitting – and some other, ickier legends even say peeing - on the blackberries! This made them unfit to eat and therefore, they were known to be poisoned blackberries.

There is another, perhaps more reasonable, explanation as to what Poisoned Blackberry Day is all about. This one dates back to the 1700s and it doesn’t have anything to do with the Devil or his bathroom functions. This theory states that during that time, blackberries were thought to cause more deaths than any other fruit that comes off a vine or a bush. Ever since, dozens of people have gone roaming the countryside on Poisoned Blackberry Day to hunt for the lethal blackberries that kill immediately upon consumption.

I have no idea whether there’s any merit to be given to either of these theories. But I do know that it’s Poisoned Blackberry Day. And that’s one more reason to take some berries out of the freezer, and figure out something new to do with them!

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