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Feb 21 2015

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Nigella’s Rapid Roastini

Fried Gnocchi

Nigella Lawson is a favourite of mine. Not only is she utterly stunning, but she also specializes in easy down-home cooking. She’s not technically a chef mind you, but she’s got the food knowledge and the know-how to be treated like one. When I first saw her make this gnocchi dish for some of her girlfriends […]

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Nigella’s 40 Cloves of Garlic Chicken

40 clove chicken

The French are really just a meat and potatoes kind of people, aren’t they? It’s funny, because whenever French cooking comes up (with just about anyone,) talk usually turns to how difficult it is, how much butter is used, and for goodness sakes – all those different sauces! But when you take a minute to really […]

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