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Mar 18 2017

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Ree’s Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joe

My past couple of recipes prove that you never stop learning in the kitchen. First there were the deep-fried kale chips that are a massive improvement on the old roasted ones I had on the site; and today it’s a new and improved Sloppy Joe recipe. Well, it’s new for our house anyway. Probably not for Ree […]

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Julia’s Coq Au Vin


It’s Monday. It’s a snow day after a very long weekend with my children, and those same children have been in 4 fights so far this morning – and it’s not yet 11:00. The only thing I can think that could possibly comfort me are the leftovers of Julia Child’s Coq Au Vin that are sitting […]

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Jamie’s Roast Rack of Lamb with Crushed Potatoes


I got a treat at the grocery store the other day. I wasn’t even expecting it. There, in the meat cooler, were some of the most beautiful racks of lamb I had ever seen. They were on sale, and they didn’t even have a huge throng of gawkers around them. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve […]

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Russian Dressing

Russian Dressing

Russian dressing is that tangy, zesty dressing that is the trademark of Reuben sandwiches and some other dishes, including some crab dish that I will never be able to try. While the one we make at work is slightly different than this version, this one does come from Martha herself, so you know it’s gonna […]

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Caesar on the Lighter Side

Caesar on the Lighter Side

Sometimes we just have to have a Caesar salad, even if we’re feeling a bit heavy and bloated. The good news is that Jamie Oliver is obsessed with eating lighter and healthier, and he’s come up with a Caesar salad recipe that will give you all the taste you’re craving without any of the excess carbs or […]

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Nigella’s Rapid Roastini

Fried Gnocchi

Nigella Lawson is a favourite of mine. Not only is she utterly stunning, but she also specializes in easy down-home cooking. She’s not technically a chef mind you, but she’s got the food knowledge and the know-how to be treated like one. When I first saw her make this gnocchi dish for some of her girlfriends […]

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Pork Chops and Green Beans in a Beurre Blanc Sauce

Beurre Blanc

Pork chops didn’t use to be my favourite thing to eat. They always seemed to turn out too dry, too flavourless, or just too boring. But I’m still mindful of the many plates of boring, plain pork chops that I’ve served in the past and I’m always trying to find ways to make them better. Luckily the last […]

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