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Jan 10 2014

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Flop: Mrs. Millman’s Chocolate Frosting

Mrs Millmans Chocolate Frosting

This recipe didn’t come out at all like frosting (the picture is actually the finished product), but not all is lost. I learned a valuable lesson while making it: if something sounds like it’s just not going to work, and in fact, you know in your gut that it won’t, don’t make it! Looking at this recipe […]

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Egg Noodles

egg noodles

Today is National Spaghetti Day! And while egg noodles aren’t actually spaghetti, they’re close enough that I thought I could get away with using this one today (the noodles in the pic have been smothered in butter.) Especially because this recipe is almost exactly like my regular pasta dough recipe, and in fact, is why […]

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