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Jul 19 2017

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Air Crisper Fries

Air Crisper Tray

I recently moved into a new home and my mom came up just a couple of weeks later for a visit. Knowing how much I love to be in the kitchen, and how much I probably loved being in my brand new kitchen even more, she brought me the perfect housewarming present – the Gotham Air […]

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Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate Pudding

It has been a busy time lately! I’ve been moving, unpacking, getting a new house organized and of course, working so I can still keep my job throughout it all. Before the big move, there was a lot of takeout going on, as we used up all our food and didn’t want to buy more just […]

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The Classic Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary cocktail

I have always been fascinated by the classic cocktail, Bloody Mary. It’s not so much about the actual drink, or even the liquor in it, but all of those yummy garnishes that stick out of the top of the glass. Of course, it all started with just a celery stalk but people have taken it […]

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Loaded Baked Potato Soup

A bowl loaded with loaded baked potato soup

This is a soup I used to make at the restaurant all the time because it’s so very easy and takes no time at all to pull together. The secret is to use leftover mashed potatoes. After that, all you really have to do is fry up some bacon, grate some cheese and add some […]

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How to Make the Perfect Burger

The perfect burger

The weather hasn’t been all that cooperative for those of us around these parts that would like to start grilling, but that hasn’t stopped us either. And they say that sunnier days are in the forecast – hopefully for many months to come – so that means the grills are just getting warmed  up! With […]

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Beet and Arugula Salad

Beet and Arugula Salad

It was the long weekend this past weekend. It was Victoria Day and Brent had yesterday off too, so although it’s Wednesday I feel as though I’m just getting back into the swing of things for the week. But, point being, it was the long weekend this past weekend. And I feel as though I […]

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Butterscotch Pie

Butterscotch Pie

Can you believe I have not posted a dessert recipe on this site in 4 months? Okay, there were some Easter goodies last month, but no actual dessert since that pretty cool tie-dye cake back in January. So, I thought it was time to remedy that and post something sweet and delicious! To be honest […]

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