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Nov 07 2015

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Cream of Turkey Soup

Cream of Turkey Soup

I don’t know about anybody else, but when I think of Thanksgiving leftovers, turkey soup is the first thing that pops into my mind. And that soup usually involves a broth thinly covering turkey, potatoes or noodles, and tons of veggies. While good, I just didn’t want to go that route last time I pulled turkey leftovers […]

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Turkey Soup

Turkey Soup

Soup, particularly a simple turkey or chicken soup, is something that I’ve never seemed able to get just right. Either the stock is cloudy, or my herbs have turned black, or the noodles have absorbed all of the liquid. Something always goes wrong, leading to my great intimidation of putting poultry into a stock and attempting […]

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Turkey Brine

turkey brine

I know it’s not the holidays, but this turkey brine recipe was requested by a reader. And while it’s true that I do already have a roast turkey recipe on the site, and that recipe also has a brine to go along with it, I prefer this one. I obtained it when this past Christmas I […]

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Turkey Chili

Turkey Chili

Appetizers for the Super Bowl are a must, but on game day you should also have something at the centre of the table that’s a bit heartier and can serve as a main dish. This turkey chili is a good one to choose, but I have to say, it’s not the best turkey chili I’ve […]

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Roast Turkey

  1 10 – 20 pound turkey (you’ll need about 1 pound per person) $25.99 1 cup butter $0.89 1 cup coarse salt, plus 1/4 cup $0.50 3 heaping tablespoons black pepper $0.03 1/2 cup sugar $0.10 1 head garlic, divided, cloves peeled and kept whole $0.23 4 bay leaves, divided $0.64 Total Cost    $28.38 […]

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