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Jun 05 2017

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How to Make the Perfect Burger

The perfect burger

The weather hasn’t been all that cooperative for those of us around these parts that would like to start grilling, but that hasn’t stopped us either. And they say that sunnier days are in the forecast – hopefully for many months to come – so that means the grills are just getting warmed  up! With […]

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Ree’s Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joe

My past couple of recipes prove that you never stop learning in the kitchen. First there were the deep-fried kale chips that are a massive improvement on the old roasted ones I had on the site; and today it’s a new and improved Sloppy Joe recipe. Well, it’s new for our house anyway. Probably not for Ree […]

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Slow Cooker Pot Roast

Slow Cooker Pot Roast

What did you have for Valentine’s Day dinner this past week? We had pot roast. I know, it might not be terribly fancy or scream romance, but we just love it. And I happen to think it’s one of the tastiest cuts of meat you can buy. Not to mention that the leftovers make for great […]

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Taco Stuffed Pasta Shells


I love stuffed pasta shells. I mean, shells of pasta just waiting for you to cram them with all your favourite things.Really? What’s not to like? I got on the kick when I turned pasta shells into perogy delights. But when I got the idea to make Taco Stuffed Pasta Shells, complete with all the toppings and fillings, I wasn’t […]

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Lasagna Soup


A crock pot version of this Lasagna Soup recipe was going around on Facebook for a little while. I cooked mine on the stovetop because well, I prefer cooking soup on the stovetop. But if you want to throw ingredients into a slow cooker before heading out for the day, that would totally work, too. Just  cook the […]

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Prime Rib with Yorkshire Pudding and Au Jus


Okay, so I over-cooked the Prime Rib in this recipe. Trust me, I was much more disappointed than you. Luckily, I already have Prime Rib on the site (just follow the link to see that I can cook it properly!) and so this post was really to focus on the Yorkshire Pudding and Au Jus – two […]

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Leftover Osso Buco Shepherd’s Pie

Leftover Osso Buco Shepherds Pie

Osso Buco is one of the most elegant and sophisticated dishes you’ll ever make. But leftovers don’t discriminate and I hate to say, but when those shanks are looking up at you from their cold congealed sauce, there’s nothing sophisticated about them. I was at a loss for what I was going to do with it, […]

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