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Apr 28 2016

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Creamy Parsnip Puree

Parsnip Puree

Purees are very simple. So simple in fact, that they can often look like baby food. But one whiff of them while they’re cooking or one small taste will quickly tell you that purees are full of flavour. And not only can they be a nice garnish on the plate, they can also be a nice […]

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How to Supreme an Orange

Supreme Orange

When I first created the garnishes section of my blog, to be honest, I didn’t know if it was something that was really worthwhile. But as time has marched on and I’ve found more and more pretty and delectable garnishes, I’ve found that it’s truly got some merit to it – especially when it’s something as dainty […]

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There’s a reason that we use the term “sliced bread” when we’re talking about how good something is. Nothing really beats soft and airy bread that melts in your mouth – and if you can get a loaf that has just come from a bakery and still has that fresh out of the oven smell, […]

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Candied Pecans

Candied Pecans

If candying nuts is something you’ve never done, it’s something I strongly suggest you try. All it takes is three ingredients. You can use whatever nuts you like best, and then use them to garnish salads, add a little extra sweetness to banana bread, or just put out as a bowl of munchies when entertaining. The only […]

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Black Bean Puree

Black Bean Puree

I love purees, but there’s something especially great about black bean puree. It may not look like much, but there is so much flavour packed into this little dish that, if you’re anything like me, will make it one of the best surprises you ever find in your kitchen. Once made the puree can be used as a […]

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How to Make Meringue Nests

Meringue Nests

Pavlova is a dessert that shows up regularly in my house and while I typically serve it in a wine or cocktail glass for presentation sake, sometimes it can be awkward to eat this way. So last time I went to make it, I wondered about making meringue nests in which the fruit and whipped cream […]

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Kate’s Ketchup


There’s an ongoing ketchup battle happening at my house. Brent only likes Heinz, the most expensive ketchup to be found at just about any grocery store, and one that he doesn’t appreciate me using in my cooking (such as when I need half the bottle to make barbecue sauce.) I’ve tried to convince him to buy two […]

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