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Mar 31 2012

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How to Spatchcock a Chicken

It may not be pretty, but it will be – and delicious too!   1 roaster chicken    $12.95 1.) Flip chicken onto its breast. Then using either sharp kitchen shears (recommended) or a sharp knife, remove the backbone by cutting along each side of it. Remove the backbone completely and flip the chicken skin-side […]

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The Differences Between Olive Oils

It’s something so simple that many of us use on on a daily basis. While it serves such a practical purpose, olive oil also adds tremendous flavour to anything it touches, and the quality and the type you use will greatly determine how your finished dish tastes at the end. I’ve often wondered what the […]

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Time-Saving Tips

Anybody who cooks on a regular basis wants to make sure that they are saving time whenever they can in the kitchen while still preparing delicious meals. The good news is that the kitchen is one area where you can make your own shortcuts and find time where you need it! Here are some of […]

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Helpful Cooking Supplies

Every cook needs tools that they feel comfortable using and that make the job of feeding a small army (or your family) much easier and simpler. I have found along the way that there are some items that I simply cannot live without because they save me so much time and effort in the kitchen. […]

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Shelf Lives of Common Items

It’s easy to turn over a carton of sour cream or milk and check out the expiry date. But what about those noodles or flour in your pantry? Dry goods, although they certainly last much longer than fresh food, certainly have a shelf life and although it may be longer, it’s certainly not unlimited. Here […]

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Tips on Herbs & Spices

Herbs and spices really are what makes average-tasting dishes taste like they just came out of a gourmet kitchen. And wherever you go, there seem to be different theories on how to store them, how to buy them, and how to use them. Here’s the truth about herbs and spices that I’ve found from my […]

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Cooking Fish

Including fish into your diet is not only a tasty way to give your family something different to eat but it’s also something that’s incredibly healthy for you because of the fatty oils that fish contains. I was at first a bit hesitant to try cooking fish because I knew nothing about it and it […]

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