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Mar 24 2017

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Chicken and Potatoes One-Pot Dish

Chicken, spinach and potatoes

The girls and I spent a little over a week with my family this past March Break and I did the cooking! Cooking at my childhood home is really no different than cooking at my current home – I still play around with different recipes and try new things. I knew this one-pot chicken and potatoes dish was […]

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Grandma’s Casserole

Grandmas casserole

This summer was not the best for us. It was all going fine with sun and sand and everything else, and then my grandma fell. She’s 94 and broke her hip, so it was off to Niagara for us where it was a bunch of hospital visits and other stuff to go along with it. […]

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Double Potato Garlic Chicken

Double Potato Chicken

August has been a tough month for me and my family so far. We’ve had one of those crises where everyone just needs to band together, be there for each other, and try to get through. Of course, one of my favourite ways to show support is to take over in the kitchen, and let […]

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Kebab Casserole

Kebab Casserole

We have kebabs a lot here in the summer. There’s just something so primal about threading meat onto a stick before throwing it onto an open flame. But what are you supposed to do with them after suppertime? Sure you could just reheat them and eat kebabs again, or you could throw everything into a salad. But why be […]

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Spinach and Artichoke Dip Pasta

Spinach and Artichoke Dip Pasta

Who doesn’t love Spinach and Artichoke Dip? It’s a favourite on restaurant menus for a reason and, while there’s no judgement here if you want to eat it for dinner, adding pasta does make it a more suitable entree. Don’t forget to serve it with garlic bread though – so you can still dip and sop up […]

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Mexican Casserole

Mexican Casserole

Well this certainly was an interesting dish to make. I’ve been building up to it for a few days on the site, giving you the Mexican White Cheese Sauce and Black Bean Puree you’ll need for it. But while it may look like it takes a lot of steps, and even more time, it’s something […]

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Breakfast Casserole with Potatoes, Eggs, and Pancetta

Potato and Egg Casserole

I really don’t get the big deal surrounding pancetta. I’ve only had it in the chunky, already-diced variety that you can get at just about any grocery store these days, and maybe I would feel differently if I tried it thinly sliced instead. But really, what they say is true – pancetta really is just […]

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